Solar Cooker Description

Water pasteurization is the process of heating water to 65 C (149 F) for 6 minutes, or to a higher temperature for a shorter time.


Cost Comparison
  • Boiling water with no pasteurization indicator
    $3 per 50L/dollar

  • Boiling water with pasteurization indicator
    $3 per 96L/dollar

  • Solar Box Cooker with pasteurization indicator
    $23 per 375L/dollar

  • PAX unit with recuperator
    $65 per 580L/dollar

  • Solar Puddle (family size)
    $6 per 1800L/dollar

  • Solar Puddle (community size)
    $25 per 3500L/dollar
Systems using fuel have low initial cost but high long term cost. The pasteurization indicator is an inexpensive way of nearly doubling the water produced per unit of fuel, though the long term costs of such systems are still high due to the cost of the fuel. The solar puddle has low initial cost and low long term costs, but involves the work of replacing the plastic layers frequently.


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