JAL Filter Description



The JAL Filter, a water treatment technology for use at the household level, based on the oldest known way of water purification -- sand filtration.

The modular design is essentially a round cylinder, filled with one carefully graded layer of sand, water sits atop the sand where a biofilm is created that further filters the water of harmful microorganisms.

Brett Gresham creates a unique filter design while serving in Afghanistan


Through 12 months of testing with heavily polluted water the JAL filter gained a steady state of 98% to 99% removal of coliforms, including fecal coliforms.

Benefits & Drawbacks

  • Low-cost
  • Easy to use
  • High flow rate
  • Pre-filter protects lower filter
  • Constructed from local materials, including pottery
  • Minimal maintenence
  • Not 100% microbial removal, may require post-disinfection

Recent Developments

2006 Development
A bioremediation supernatant water layer was incorporated into original design.

2007 Pilot Project (pending funding)
For 2007, initiation of India implementation program as a two-year pilot study.

Future Considerations
The JAL filter modular design can easily incorporate simple techniques for arsenic mitigation.


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Capital Costs: $10-$15 US

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